Madam DongMingzhu Visited Gree Thailand and Inspected the Market

The Chairperson of Board and President, Madam Dong , from Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai, visited Gree Electric (Thailand) Co.Ltd on June 10, 2019. The top management team from Gree Thailand reported the market performance and future roadmap to her.  

Madam Dong arrived the showroom in Gree Thailand at 10:00AM in the morning and was warmly welcomed by all staffs from Gree Thailand. When she entered the showroom, she shared her idea and comments to the design of showroom. She stressed out: “more varieties of new and high-end products being displayed in showroom is a kind of best way to promote the brand in the market. Also, the vivid image of the display will attract more consumers to choose and use our products. Since then, we should take the advantages of innovation in products and marketing to open the market and earn the sale increase.”

After that, Gree Thailand made an introduction about the market performances and sale channels. Madam Dong said: “Quality is key to products. Dealers are key to sale. Varieties of products are key to brand and sale increase. The innovative marketing can be a vital factor to open and deepen market. Gree China will provide the good quality, stable and advanced technology products to Gree Thailand as the guarantee in the market.”

Gree Thailand invested a lot to invite more than 1300 sub-dealers to visit Gree China, and to see the world-leading technology in Gree. Also, they organized the sub-dealers to have training in the products for better service in installation and maintenance. All Gree Thailand did was spoken highly of by Madam Dong. She pointed out: “Gree Thailand should continue to work on the channels development and also should innovate in marketing. The sub-dealers are the key persons to help sell Commercial AC, refrigerator, washing machine and rice cooker, etc. When every AC is installed, the installer can be the person to promote the refrigerator and washing machine to every consumer.”

We should focus on not only the marketing innovation but also the sale of innovative and unique products. She said: “Thailand market can easily promote the PV AC to all of the clients when daily sunshine is quite sufficient and solar energy can be utilized.” Meanwhile Gree Thailand reported the won project and bidding projects to her.

In the end, Madam Dong demonstrated that Gree Thailand should concentrate on the training of service and upgrade the service to all end-users. Regardless of the high quality products, the high level of service could build up the confidence to the consumers and tighten the connections with the sub-dealers, which was quite important as well.

Innovation opens the market but the quality guarantees the future. Thailand, as one of Asian Pacific markets, still has a further way to get through when operating Gree brand in the market. Only when we focus on the quality and service can Gree stick to the market and win the future together.