Gree New Products Sparkle at INTERCLIMA Expo 2019

On November 5, 2019 local time, the INTERCLIMA Expo 2019 was held at the Nord Villepinte exhibition centre in Paris. Gree Electric, as the only Chinese local self-owned brand in the exhibition, showcased its RAC, CAC and several high-tech products and attracted lots of visitors with the independently created core technologies and high-quality products.

As a global leading home appliances enterprise, Gree is always consumer-oriented and committed to satisfying consumers’ demands with high-quality products. At this INTERCLIMA Expo, Gree launched the brand new Versati III, which can overall meet the water using and heating and cooling demands of users. The integrated design of indoor unit and water tank can satisfy the demands of floor heating and daily living water, and can save the installation space as well.

Moreover, Gree has brought several products with eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, such as heat pump water heater, modular unit, and so on. As the global greenhouse effect is aggravating, all of the products showcased at this exhibition adopted the latest eco-friendly R32 refrigerant. Compared with traditional refrigerant, R32 refrigerant can reduce the emission of CO2 by 78%, and increase the EER by 8%. Furthermore, the low inflammability of R32 refrigerant brings great convenience to the production and transportation. In addition, many other products also attracted lots of visitors, such as G-Tech split type unit, chiller, multi VRF unit, U-Match, recreational vehicle air conditioner, etc.

At 11am on the first day of the exhibition, our star product – Gree PV Multi VRF Unit, stood out among 140 competitors and won the 2019 Intercilma Technology Innovation Award, becoming one of the most eye-catching products at the show. With PV power as the energy center, Gree PV Multi VRF Unit is committed to providing global users with integrated solutions of new-energy applications for cooling, heating and electricity supply. The advent of this technology will lead the industry trend, and we will do our best to promote this product.

The key to Gree's sustainable development is quality and innovation. Every year, Gree spares no effort in R&D and innovation so as to develop products suitable for different markets. Dealers’ success in market development is the best return for Gree and represents the value of Gree's endless innovation. On November 7, 2019, Xie Dongbo, President Assistant of Gree Electric Appliances, told the dealers at the opening ceremony of the French dealers’ meeting: “Gree and its dealers will cooperate more closely on the basis of full trust, transparency and mutual benefits. We will continue to collect dealers' opinions as the basis for R&D and innovation, so that our products will be closer to the market and achieve a win-win result!"

Since entering the French market, Gree has been favored by consumers. The proportion of market sales has increased year by year, and brand awareness has been gradually raised. With the continuous upgrading of market demand, Gree is constantly developing new products to meet market demand. In the future, Gree will continue to expand overseas markets, accelerate the pace of globalization, and build Gree brand into a brilliant "business card" for Chinese manufacturing!