EMBA Elite from Antwerp Management School Visit Gree

On Dec. 12th, 2017, EMBA elite from Antwerp Management School, which consisted of around 60 people from different industries in Belgium, Romania and Russia, came to visit Gree Headquarters.

This visit was organized by the MBA center of Lingnan (University) College of Sun Yat-sen University, which has developed long term exchange and cooperation with Antwerp Management School, Belgium. Every year, MBA and EMBA students from both sides will have a one-week exchange visit and study in each other’s school. In December, the EMBA elite from the Antwerp Management School visited Lingnan (University) College and would like to visit one of the famous Chinese manufacturing enterprises in order to learn deeply about the development status and future of Chinese manufacturing industry. As a leading enterprise in Chinese household appliances industry, Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai provided an excellent platform for the EMBA group to well understand the development, advantages and leading brand of Chinese manufacturing industry.

The EMBA group visited Gree’s assembly lines first. Tidy workshop, and well-organized, efficient and highly automatic production process impressed the guests profoundly. After that, the guests had better understanding about the assembly of residential AC, portable AC, dehumidifier and air purifier. Besides, the strict quality control system and quality-oriented concept won lots of compliments from the guests.

Next the guests visited Gree showroom, where they had thorough understanding of the enterprise culture, development, innovation concepts and advanced technologies and products of Gree. It deepened their knowledge about Gree as a world-class company. Additionally, all the guests spoke highly of Gree’s enduring pursuit of high quality and perfectness. When the guests saw the robots and automation equipment, they were deeply attracted. When they knew all those equipment were developed, designed and innovated independently by Gree, all of them were impressed. Mr. Peter, representative of the visiting group said, “Gree has been developed into a leading enterprise in the HVAC industry within 27 years, from which we can get the epitome of the rise of China. The industrial level represents the hard power of a country. Today’s Gree represents the future and the hope of China and Chinese manufacturing industry.”

After the visit, a conference was held to discuss more deeply about the advantages and future development of Gree, as well as chances and challenges for Chinese manufacturing industry under the background of Internet +, Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025. Gree had successfully transformed from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, entering into multiple fields like smart home, intelligent equipment and new energy technology, etc. with a series of core technologies. Gree has become a diversified global industrial group.

After the visit, the visiting group highly recognized and appreciated Gree’s products and corporate strength, and were deeply impressed by Gree’s persistence in R&D, preciseness in quality control and pursuit of independent innovation. Technology is obtained not by money but by endless exploration and research. As a global leader in air conditioning industry, Gree always adheres to ingenuity and innovation. Even when Gree has become diversified, the philosophy of concentration, benchmarking and perfection is still Gree’s pursuit. Under the leadership of Chairperson Ms. Dong Mingzhu, and unremitting endeavor of all Greers, more and more people from overseas will realize the quintessence of “Made in China”. Made in China, loved by the world.