Gree Core Technologies Blazing in RHVAC Indonesia 2017

From Sep. 28 to 30, the Refrigeration & HVAC Indonesia 2017 (RHVAC Indonesia 2017) is grandly held in Jakarta. Gree shows a variety of star products in the exhibition, such as new air conditioning products and industrial products. With the original design and core technologies, Gree products have attracted tremendous attention from customers, showing the strength of “Made in China” to the world.


Over the past twenty years, Gree has been always insisting on the road of independent innovation, which is also the reason of Gree’s success in the fields that it involves. With core technologies, advanced products and promising market, Gree carries not only the flag of Chinese air conditioner, but also the flag of Chinese manufacturing. 


In RHVAC Indonesia 2017, Gree’s booth is divided into four display zones according to product categories, such as new product zone, residential AC zone and commercial AC zone, etc.


Gree Rose Series Ⅱ brings a romantic atmosphere to Gree booth. Its rose appearance and integrated and concealed dual air outlets create a sense of beauty as well as a balanced temperature field.Crown Series air conditioner adopts two-stage compressor. Its superior performance under extreme temperature from -30℃~54℃ wins the admiration of many visitors.

What’s more, Wi-Fi control function of Gree Rose Series Ⅱ is also displayed. With a smart phone which is installed with Gree+ app, we can control each function of the air conditioner, which is quite convenient for the user.


Gree Painting Series air conditioner breaks through the design of traditional air conditioner. With 11.2cm ultra-thin body design, it looks quite like a painting on the wall. Besides, its 17dB(A) ultra low operation noise provides ultimate comfort for the users, which fully reflects Gree’s strong technological strength.


Gree photovoltaic centrifugal chiller has got much appreciation. Through vivid display of the operation way of photovoltaic centrifugal chiller with dynamic light box, visitors can know more about the combination of photovoltaic power generation and air conditioner. This system not only reduces power consumption, but also improves power utilization efficiency.

Gree GMV5 adopts all DC inverter compressor and high-performance pressure chamber with sensorless DC inverter fan motor, which highly improves its efficiency. GMV5, which ranages from 3HP to 22HP per single unit, can provide maximum combination capacity of 88HP. Outdoor operation temperature range is improved to -5℃~52℃ in cooling and -20℃~24℃ in heating. Together with the 320V~460V working voltage range, it can satisfy various kinds of operation conditions. At most 80 indoor units (including duct type, cassette type, wall mounted type and fresh air processing unit, etc.) can be connected according to consumers or projects needs.


On the afternoon of Sep. 28th, Mr. Wen Kan, Vice president of Gree Indonesia agent introduced Gree’s development road in Indonesia to the experts from Indonesia’s refrigeration industry in the conference center of Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran. During the past two years after Gree entered Indonesia market, Gree has established 8 affiliates with over 300 employees in Indonesia’s main cities and completed a series of landmark projects. Gree even proposes 180-day free replacement policy for residential air conditioner in Indonesia, being the first air conditioner enterprise in Indonesia to provide such service. In the launch conference, Mr. Owen Lee, representative from Zhuhai Headquarters, presented the global layout and development prospect of Gree air conditioner with detailed industry data.



As a leader in global air conditioning industry, Gree has topped No.1 for the production and sales volume of residential air conditioners in China since 1995 and No. 1 in the world since 2005. Gree shows the strength of “Made in China” with its core technologies and star products, to win the recognition of the world.