Gree Overseas PV AC Reference Projects


Many natural resources are about to run out because of overuse. As an air conditioning company with social responsibilities, Gree focuses more on the sustainable development of human beings apart from being No.1 in tax payment in China Home Appliances Industry for 14 consecutive years. Over the past few years, Gree has always been thinking: how to change the current structure of energy sources.


For over a year since 2012, Gree PV R&D team carried out countless tests, experienced more than 300 times of troubleshooting, and burnt a large quantity of motors. Finally, without the restraint of the processing techniques of large motors, the world’s the first PV powered inverter centrifugal chiller was developed in December 2013. Later, Gree PV powered inverter multi VRF system was also created, providing another air conditioning solution for smart home living. Through independent research and development, Gree has changed the current structure of energy sources and initiated the era of photovoltaic air conditioning.

The benefits that PV AC will bring to consumers


Gree Photovoltaic Central Air Conditioner can realize "zero energy consumption" when running in sufficient sunlight. System utilizes photovoltaic power to directly drive the centrifugal chiller without dc-to-ac converter, which will reduce 10% of equipment and engineering cost; power generation matches power consumption to a great extent and residual power can even feed back to the grid. Energy loss is decreased by 6%~8%. Primary investment per unit is modest. Industrial prospect is good.


PV AC is highly recognized at home and abroad


In 2013, Gree Photovoltaic Direct-driven Inverter Centrifugal Chiller was accredited as "world leading" and "first created in the world" by China authoritative organizations and Chinese Academy of Sciences;


In 2015, Gree Photovoltaic Direct-driven Inverter Centrifugal Chiller was awarded the so-called "Oscar" award in refrigeration industry, i.e. the UK RAC Cooling Industry Award, in recognition of its contribution to scientific innovation and energy conservation.


Application of PV AC in large projects around the world

Thanks to the outstanding product quality and brand influence, Gree PV AC, including PV Direct-driven Inverter Centrifugal Chiller and PV Inverter Multi VRF System, has become an industrial benchmark across the sea, exhibiting the core technology of China to the world.


1. University of Tehran 

in Iran

Founded in 1934 and covering an area of about 22,500m2, University of Tehran is Iran's oldest university with the largest scale. It has been praised as "the Mother University of Iran". It has 16 faculties, 2 language training centers, 4 educational research centers, 14 research institutes, 3 communication service centers, several libraries, medical centers and entertainment centers. Peak sunshine hours in Iran reaches 5.12 and the university chose PV direct-driven inverter centrifugal chiller for its teaching area and office buildings. This is the first overseas project for Gree photovoltaic direct-driven inverter centrifugal chiller.


2. Unitop Shopping Mall 

in Philippines 

Unitop Shopping mall was established in 2000, with Chinese goods as its main products. So far, it has over 4500 employees. It was awarded "the Best Service Prize" and "the Best Customer Choice" by the Philippine government for several times. Headquartered in the center of Manila, Unitop is expanding its business scale by opening 4~5 new branch stores every year. As to the shopping store in Calapan, it occupies an area of 26,000m2 and Gree photovoltaic direct-driven inverter centrifugal chiller won the bid for this project.


3. AEON Mall 

in Malaysia 

AEON is a comprehensive retailing and service group from Japan. It ranked No.147 in Fortune Top 500 Companies in 2015. Its business mainly relates to shopping malls and comprehensive retail (department stores, food markets). Covering a floor area of 50,000m2, the AEON Mall in Malaysia adopts the photovoltaic direct-driven inverter centrifugal chiller to realize “powered by sunlight”.


4. 7-11 Shopping Store

 in Thailand


7&11 is another retailing giant from Japan and also the biggest chain convenience store in the world. It was founded in 1973, with many convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores and exclusive stores located all across the world. In Thailand, the number of 7-11 stores in 2013 has surpassed the number of 7-11 stores in the US, second only to Japan. It is said that Thailand people would shop in 7-11 twice a day in average. The 7-11 shopping store in Bangkok is a one-floor construction, so it chose the photovoltaic direct-driven inverter multi VRF system, which features flexible installation, easy maintenance and efficient power generation, to optimize the utilization of photovoltaic power.


  5. TOSOT Showroom

in Philippines 

Founded in 1989, TOSOT was the upgraded home appliances brand of Gree. TOSOT flagship stores mainly engage in the sales of TOSOT electric fans, air coolers, air purifiers, etc. Considering that Philippines is in the tropical area and the weather is hot most of the year, photovoltaic direct-driven inverter multi VRF system has become the primary choice for most of the commercial and residential air conditioning projects because of its easy installation, simple design, independent household control and convenient cost calculation.


6. Ye’s Precision Wood Company 

in Malaysia

Ye’s Precision Wood Company of Malaysia involved a project that covered an area of more than 20,000m2. This is first overseas order for Gree photovoltaic direct-driven inverter multi VRF units. The company’s office buildings, workshops, warehouses and administrative area all demand comfortable air conditioning and the photovoltaic direct-driven multi VRF system proved to be the best choice. It integrates the solar cell array into the exterior wall and rooftop of the buildings, making the buildings aesthetically pleasing while ensuring sufficient daylight and efficient power generation.