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  • FAQ for Commercial Air Conditioners
    What to do when evaporating pressure is too low?
    Reason: It may be cool water not enough; or cool load low; or failure occurred at throttle orifice; or heat transfer at heat transfer tube of evaporator bad for the pollution like furring; or lack of refrigerant.
    Solution: Check the cool water circuit and refill the cool water to rated volume; or check the rated temperature at auto on/off device; or check if expand throttle is blocked; or clean the heat transfer tube; or fill the refrigerant to needed volume.
    What to do when condensing pressure is too high?
    Reason: It may be cooling water not enough; or capacity of cooling tower reduced; or temperature of cool water too high; or cooling capacity too high to increase the load at condenser; or non condensed gas exist; or heat transfer at condensing tube bad for the pollution like furring.
    Solution: Check the cool water circuit and adjust it to rated current flow; or check cooling tower and expand throttle etc. to lower (or rise) the temperature of cool water to rated temperature as soon as possible; or get rid of non condensed gas; or clean the tube.
    What to do when the difference of oil pressure is too low?

    Reason: It may be oil filter blocked; or oil pressure adjusting valve (gate gurgle valve) opened too wide; or outlet oil at oil pump decreased; or bearing abrades; or failure occurred at oil pressure meter (or sensor); or too many refrigerant mixed into lubricating oil (oil pressure is too low for oil bubbles when starting).

    Solution: Change the core of oil filter; or tighten the oil pressure adjusting valve so that the oil pressure rise to rated pressure; or disassembly to check; or change the bearing; or check oil pressure meter, reset the pressure sensor and change it when necessary; or do apply the oil heater when cooler stops to maintain rated oil temperature (check if wire of oil heater is breaking, and if the set temperature for oil heater to heat is correct).

    What to do when cool water is subcool?

    Reason: It may be cool water not enough; or cool load low
    Solution: Check the cool water circuit and refill cool water to rated volume; or wait for cool load rise.
    Over load at oil pump
    Reason: It may be oil pump broken; or resistance at oil circuit too great.
    Solution: Disassembly the oil pump to check; or check the oil circuit system like oil filter and other components, change them when necessary.

    What to do when oil temperature is too high?

    Reason: It may be cooling capacity of oil cooler lowered; or refrigerant supply for cooling oil cooler not enough for refrigerant filtering net is blocked; or bearing abrades. 
    Solution: Adjust oil temperature adjusting valve; or clean refrigerant filtering net; or disassembly to repair or change bearing.
    What to do when water failure occur?
    Reason: It may be cooling water not enough; or failure at differential meter
    Solution: Check cool water pump and cool water circuit and adjust to normal flow volume; or check and repair differential meter.
    What to do when winding for main motor is superheat ?

    Reason: It may be power phase voltage unbalance; or voltage drop at power cord large; or operating with ultra low head; or refrigerant supply for cooling main motor not enough for refrigerant filtering net is blocked.

    Solution: Take measures to make power phase voltage balance; or take measures to lower voltage drop at power circuit; or clean the refrigerant filter net.

  • Heating performance is bad
    Abnormal of control circuitry
    Contact the service center
    The outdoor environment temperature is lower than -5℃
    Affect the function of air conditioner

    Heat pharmaceutical leaks

    Contact service center
    Room temperature is set too low to heat
    Increase the set temperature
    Doors or windows aren’t close well
    Close the door or window to preserve cool (heat)
    Air filter is dirty or blocked

    Clean filter to improve airflow

  • Big oscillation or noise is too loud
    Screw is loose
    Tighten the screw
    There are foreign objects on the unit
    Remove the foreign objects
    Bracket of the unit is not installed steadily
    Fix the bracket or reinstall it

    Unit is not placed well

    Adjust the location of the units
    Compressor is not installed well, or the floor stand is not firm enough

    Check if the floor stand is firm

  • LCD flashes or full screen display when pressing the Transmit button
    Change battery
    Low battery
  • Incomplete of the display in LCD
    Fix the frame case well
    The LCD frame case is not fixed well
  • The receiving distance of wireless remote controller is short
     Low battery
    Change the battery
  • Wireless remote controller can’t receive signal (remote control type window unit)
    Wireless remote controller has malfunction

    Change wireless remote controller

     Breakage or bad connecting of the receiving terminal

    Change receiving terminal or adjust connecting wire of receiving terminal

    Receiving terminal is loose
    Adjust the receiving terminal
  • The treatment taken by protector when the compressor is over heated
    Protector is in error
    Check if the contact points are connected by multimeter when the compressor is not over heated, if it isn’t connecting, change protector
    Compressor cannot run smoothly, crankshaft jammed or breakage of discharge valve
    Change compressor
    Capillary is blocked and inspiration temperature increases
    Change capillary

    Refrigerant is not enough or too much

    Adjust the amount of refrigerant

  • No response after energization

    Integrated modular CPU broken

    Change integrated modular CPU

    Cool joint or breakage at manostat 7806

    Change manostat 7806
    Crystal oscillator or resetting circuit element is broken

    Change them

    Commutate diode is broken
    Change commutate diode

    Transformer is broken

    Change the transformer
    Blow of the fuse
    Change fuse
  • The compressor can’t startup after energization
    Compressor is open-circuit or short-circuit
    Change compressor
    Wrong wire connection
    Reconnect the wire
    The main On/Off switch is broken
    Change the main On/Off switch
    Compressor capacitor is broken
    Change compressor voltage
    Set temperature of temperature controller is too high or temperature controller is broken
    Decrease the set temperature of temperature controller or change the temperature controller