R&D Strength
Technology is the power for enterprise development. In our expanding process, Gree always insists on self-innovation and mastering core technologies for the transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China”.

Gree has more than 8,000 technicians, 2 national technical research centers, 1 provincial enterprise key lab, 6 institutes (Air Conditioning Institute, Motor Technology Institute, Home Appliances Technology Institute, Intelligent Equipment Technology Institute, New Energy and Environment Technology Institute, Health Technology Institute), and 52 research centers and over 570 labs. Gree has applied for more than 15,600 technology patents, including about 5,000 innovation patents. In 2014 alone, Gree has applied over 4,100 patents, which means 11 patents were born in every day. The average annual investment for technology research is more than 4 billion RMB. In 2014, the investment exceeded 5 billion RMB.

Gree has achieved 12 “world leading” products that have shaped the development of the industry, such as the 1Hz inverter air conditioner, R290 eco-friendly air conditioners, self-developed all DC Inverter VRF units, permanent-magnet synchronous inverter centrifugal chiller, 2-stage inverter compressor, PV direct-driven inverter centrifugal chiller, magnetic suspension inverter centrifugal chiller and so on.
The National Key Laboratories
The National Key Laboratories of Refrigeration Air Conditioning Equipment and System Energy Conservation, which are supported by Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, focuses on technological progress in refrigeration air conditioning while persisting in researches on application basis and generic technology, lays stress on construction of talent team while leading the technical development in the industry, so as to create a platform of sustainable development in refrigeration industry.

The key laboratories have built a talent team with excellent quality and reasonable structure including 98 researchers and 38 senior engineers and covering many professional fields such as refrigeration, compressor, fluid machinery, thermal transmission, electric power, electron, etc. With over 12,000 ㎡ fields constructed for offices and laboratories, and a total assets of over RMB 200 million on experimental facilities and equipments for inspection of performance, reliability, noise, magnetic compatibility, the laboratories have acquired authentications of many national and international authorities, such as American UL, Canadian CSA, Swiss SGS, German VDE and Chinese CQC, etc.

Among all these laboratories, with high testing precision and wide temperature control range, the Compressor Performance Laboratory can support the tests with the air displacement of 200-9000m³/h.

The Laboratory for Component Characteristic of Thermal Transmission and Refrigeration System can detect coefficient of thermal transmission, flow resistance, heat exchange amount, etc.

Special Environment Laboratory possesses the first domestic 20-ton pushing force horizontal and vertical electric vibration experiment table, light weight and medium weight strong impulsive force experiment table, incline and swing experiment table, etc.

Water-cooled laboratory possesses complex experiment tables with range from 50 standard ton to 3,000 standard ton, which can satisfy performance and reliability tests for different large central air conditioners.

The laboratories have introduced multiple advanced designs and analysis software for simulation design of impeller of centrifuge, flow field of fan, oil circuit of compressor, thermodynamic property, etc., which can effectively improve R&D efficiency and ensure R&D quality.

With the basic constructions, the laboratories focus on the researches in basic generic technology, energy-saving technology, service life and reliability technology, and information/energy technology. The laboratories have undertaken 20 national and provincial science and technology projects, and acquired 14 international leading and advanced technological achievements. We have gained 24 science and technology awards, in which 3 are National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology; moreover, 224 authorized patents for invention, 9 Chinese Patent Awards of Excellence, 101 treatises, and lead and participate in the formulation and revision of 22 international, national and industrial standards.

Under the vigorous support of Gree, and abiding by the operating mechanism of “open, circulation, cooperation, competition”, the National Key Laboratories of Refrigeration Air Conditioning Equipment and System Energy Conservation will persist in the concept of technical innovation and talent cultivation, exert influence as a supporting platform, lead and drive technical progress in the industry, so as to accelerate the implementation of strengthening China thru powerful manufacturing.